This was the project that sucked me into Architecture after a disturbing junior year in the Architecture School. It was the right competition in the right time when I start losing hope in Architecture school; “designing a canteen for a secondary female school which had a shortage in the number of rooms”. The student in this school were able to go on with their education till the 11th grade and then they either quit education or had to move to anther village since the school locked a room to take students in the senior year.

They key solution to this problem was in the canteen; one of the rooms in the school served as a canteen, so the project aimed to design a new canteen in the school’s yards and transform that room into a regular classroom and thus allowing the students to get their high school certificate and transfer to universities for higher education. I won the 2nd prize and the 1st one for commissioning building the canteen within a voluntary camp that consisted of 20 students from the different universities of the West Bank – Palestine.

In addition to the canteen work, painting and planting works were performed in the school and several fence walls were reconstructed in the village. The impact was amazing from the first moment during the camping period, but all of that was nothing comparing to the moment I read in the newspaper about the first graduates from that school who finally had their equal chance to achieve the qualification year.


Dezzz.me team.

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