IAA Modern Library Building in Amman, Jordan by Symbiosis Designs LTD

The comfort of any buildings can be implemented in the design of a buildings, both design of exterior and interior. IAA Library Building by Symbiosis Designs LTD is a library building with modern design and has advantages for a basic comforts such as emerged out of a necessary garden meant to provide students with a fundamental epiphany shedding, enabling foresight and inviting them to contribute to humanity. “Legacy Garden” is a vast reflective pool with a river stone bed flooded with water only on the special occasion of graduation day.

IAA Library Building is located in Amman, Jordan and designed by symbiosis Designs LTD. This modern library building was designed with two extreme dualities, a grounded stone building that houses the book stacks; and a hovering glass structure held in flux with a gesture towards the magical and imaginative. The pool, is designed to capture the shadows and reflection of the sculptures, often perceived as souls, as well as to capture the mirror image of the flying glass library above, with its brightness representing enlightenment, an image appropriate for the occasion.

Sculptural representations of men and women of great accomplishment, such as Ibin Rushd, Einstein and Gandhi dwell in the pool as a solid human legacy forest. Graduates obtain the privilege of walking amongst the sculptures and unto a floating platform in the water to gather, as a class and to cherish the moment of their own accomplishment in an extremely dramatic setting.

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