mario bellini + rudy ricciotti: department of islamic arts at louvre

with its inauguration to the public this saturday, the louvre’s ‘department of islamic arts’ by milan-based studio mario bellini architect(s)
and french practice rudy ricciotti is now complete in paris, france. the second contemporary intervention at the musée du louvre,
marking 23 years after I.M. pei’s pyramid, this 6,800 square meter addition is contained by an undulating semi-transparent golden roof.
hovering within the 18th century cour visconti, the foulard appears to be suspended inside the courtyard by the wind, never touching the pavement
or historic facades.

appearing to be lighter than air, the canopy ranges in thickness from 20 centimeters to 1.20 meters and weighs a grand total of 120 tons.
each of the 2,400 triangulated glass panels measure 120x120x160 centimeters and are screened with an outer layer of brilliant gold and silver aluminum mesh,
insulating glazing, welded tubular steel space frames, aluminum honeycomb panels to diffuse daylight into the galleries and a final golden layer
which matches the outer shell along the ceiling plane. only eight slightly inclined pillars lift the waving form, reaching a maximum of 8 meters
from the ground.

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