Beautiful House with an Infinite View of Nature

Designed by Chile-based studio Pezo Von Ellrichshausen Architects, this unique 2,150 square foot home is the first of the series to be set in Cretas, a municipality located in the Matarraña comarca, province of Teruel, Aragon, Spain.

Casa Pezo is part of the Solo Houses concept, a small collection of a dozen of vacation homes designed by different young international architects still to be built. Their project SOLO HOUSES, located on the heights of Matarranya, in south Catalonia, Spain, proposes a villa that is totally open to the countryside, a cross between a patio and an observation post, whose heavy base acts as foundation. This hollowed- out concrete monolith, where interior and exterior become one, overhangs the natural setting, simply placed on a concrete podium which has been centrally hollowed-out, repeating antique atriums in a modern way, according to a double logic of verticality and horizontality.

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