Oxygen villa

  • Oxygen villa
    A complete healthy closed environment

  • Competition objectives
    It’s been taken in consideration the architectural invention in design and satisfying all tastes in mass productions process, taking care of the privacy issue in designing the inner spaces which is important for the Arabian family in the men and women spaces and reception spaces also, taking care of the spaces distribution and achieving the maximum benefit of land use in spaces and referring to the possible increasing of the building in the future by the increasing of the family members number, the interaction between the building and the national heritage has been taken care of it in the design of the buildup unit, the building design gives a variety of alternatives by using the module system and the prefabricated units that would help in changing the character of the building at any time when its needed and it will be in a harmony with each other, the prefabricated system gives the advantage of reducing the construction time and the simplicity of establishing the building and also for recycling process.
  • Villa main perspective
  • Identity
    The project build up unit is inspired from national heritage which is obviously shown in the void shape and the treatment of elevations which is taken from oriels that provides the known privacy idea in the arabian community also inside the building.
  • Social
    One of the major features of the Mashrabiya is privacy, an essential aspect of Arabian culture. A good view of the outside can be obtained by the occupants without being seen.
  • Environment
    The wooden screen with openable windows gives shade and protection from the hot summer sun while allowing the cool air from the outside to flow through the building.
    The projection of the Mashrabiya achieves several purposes, on one hand it allows air from three sides to enter, even if the draught outside was parallel to the house façade; on the other hand it serves the outside and in turn the neighborhood. A row of projected Mashrabiyas provides shelter for those in the streets from rain or sun.
  • Front elevation
  • Side elevation
  • Unit detail
    The buildup unit detail has an ability to move in and form many positions
    1-Complete close to protect the building
    2-Semi opened horizontal to increase the air movement inside from the upper part and having the indirect sun light from the lower part
    3-Complete opened horizontal also makes the previous effect and the lower part as a shade on the outdoor passages
    4-Complete vertical opened case for whole unit to be as a group of vertical sunshades on the building
  • Mass production
    The mass production process has a good advantage which is the build up unit for many reasons The module system allows to have a variety of colors and shapes of the building by changing color of the unit or making various colors . Also module system helps in mass production by saving money in construction It also helpful in maintenance and durability by fixing the needed unit only that saves money, time and effort. The module system would help in construction time by installing the prefabricated units in place and floor slabs.
  • Building envelope
    1- In this case the units would be opened vertical to make a group of sunshades on the building and also having more space for air.
    2- In this case while having a strong storm of wind and sand as example the units will be closed completely on itself to avoid the villa from bad climatic changes.
    3- In this case of a good weather with a light sun ray the units would be opened horizontal to make shade from the glass part on the unit and acceleration the air movement inside the building.
  • Photovoltaic Glazing
    Photovoltaic (PV) window or glazing modules are an exciting and extremely visible method for integrating PV into both new and existing buildings. PV glazing modules add architectural accents to a building while generating clean power and expressing the building owner’s environmental ethics. PV glazing modules can be integrated into a building as non-view windows, skylights as shown in this building.
  • Sun blocking system
    The buildup detail design contains 3 parts: 2 solid parts and a glass one which is consists of a double layers of glass and between them is loaded with the nitrogen gas The nitrogen gas has the advantage of absorption the thermal energy that comes from sun rays and emits a low quantity of it so it helps to keep the inner space cool.
  • Share system

    In the solar field the system would be saving the power from the one unit and sharing it with the other units and the extra could be saved on the generating station to be transfer in the future, the unit would generate almost 25% of its own needs for energy and the other 75% comes from the station and by saving energy on the unit it could use 85-90% of energy that helps for saving energy for compound In the water derange system the compound would depend on main disinfection unit for all villas or a group of them, the disinfection unit contains lift station and a recycled water storage, the lift unit collect drainage from villas and lift it to the disinfection unit where it passes through 3 steps and they are : disinfecting process ,filtration and backwash is the final process before moving the clean water for the recycled water storage to be transferred back to the villas for the usual usages like drinking , cooking and irrigation ….. etc

  • Building components
  • Construction process
    The construction process starts with establishing the fixed steel columns in place then the floor slabs and at last the buildup window unit, all are prefabricated units from Etalbond (as its known for its toughness and lightness reducing aluminum size by using only for outer cover and inside the panels are loaded with foam) , the floor slabs are reinforced concrete and the upper roof slab from light concrete, the inner court carry the slabs loading on fixed columns.
  • Interior shot for entrance area, court and upper floor stairs
  • Interior shot for living area
  • Villa plans and internal spaces
  • Size and use of power
    The concept depends on using the inner spaces in many usage and functions so that it can save more space for an event which considers as a main element in designing the planThe men majlis could expand to contain the entrance area, It could expand more to contain also the dinning space with the entrance area to make half of the villa as one space which is used on an event like celebration The whole building could be a one space by opening spaces to each other and moving women majlis to the upper floor for privacyIn case of marriage one of the children the second floor could be used as a separated apartment with its all facilitates and spaces : bed room – living – W.C – Kitchen …. etc
  • Ventilation system
    The inner spaces was designed as a one space to make the air movement more easier inside the spaces, air movement depends on two or more entrances and three exits that gives a continues moving of air all day The site was designed to make the air movement always passes through green areas and trees inside and outside the building on the eastern and northern corners for filtering the air then passing through water area for cooling the air.
  • Glass Ganurals
    Is a system of glass balls used under the ground floor level in court area, the glass granules process is to absorb the thermal energy all day time and keep it inside, in the night time when it’s cold the Glass granules emits the thermal energy again in the space to keep it warm.
  • Sections
  • Inner visualizations
    The design of inner spaces depends on open view idea for all spaces according to the space function. By creating a middle double volume void area makes a visual contact between ground and first floor and also by creating inner court helps in the connecting between spaces in all levels that gives inner open feeling which is visually and Psychologically comfortable, that would also help in cooling process of the inner space.The design depends on having a variety between the inner and outer shape that gives a flexibility in inner furniture of spaces.
  • Villa layout


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