Architecture value understanding differs from one country and society to another. In the Middle East generally, Architecture tends to be a pure tool for the business sector for marketing and achieving the materialized profit ignoring the social aspects, this phenomenon is increasing with the continuous commercial practice done by the Architects along the region; thus the critical practice is fading away, helping in less appreciation for the profession by the society

This project is offering a public space which can hardly be found in the city of Ramallah which – in the last 20 years- has turned to be a political and commercial hub offering nothing but hundreds of elite cafes and shopping malls for its residences. The designed project is one part of a vision that could be applied in the city center, offering completely pedestrian layers above the compacted narrow streets, public spaces and plenty of greenery areas integrated within the city center fabric.

For a further step, the project is celebrating and branding Architecture itself for the public audience. Along with the project image, additional functions such as show rooms and small open auditoriums we included in the project.

Questioning the idea of how should buildings occupy the ground, how much they weigh and the natural untouched landscape image, and interacting these aspects with the basic formal grid, produces a sense of lightness and fluidity in the visual perception as well as with the functional aspects of the project. This project could be a glimpse of strangeness and newness that meet the humankind desire.

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