Green School Prototype – Gaza, Palestine


This project is an architectural proposal for a school as well as a recreational and associative center to be built for the young people of the Palestinian camps. Designed by the architect Mario Cucinella in the framework of the 1st Italy-Palestinian technical table on Eco-Architecture and renewable energies held in Ramallah in March 2010 and organized by Italian Development Cooperation and Italian Foreign Office in accordance with the Ministries of Planning and Public Works of the Palestinian National Authority.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) unveiled plans for the first of 20 zero-emissions schools throughout the Gaza Strip. The school will support 800 students and use rainwater, geothermal, and solar systems instead of water and energy grids.

At a construction cost of $2 million, the sustainable project will cost no more than other UNRWA sponsored buildings in the region. The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development is providing financial support for the project.

Major design elements include thermal mass columns filled with excavated soil from the construction site, a large central courtyard, and a traditional Mashrabiya screen (a lattice like screen made of small wood pieces) for shading and ventilation. Rainwater will be harvested and recycled for sanitation and irrigation.

UNRWA claims that eventually, vulnerable communities throughout the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria will also get the green cost and energy-efficient school treatment.


via Green prophet

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