House in Bioclimatic Experimental Urbanization / José Luis Rodríguez Gil

Architects: José Luis Rodríguez Gil
Location: Granadilla, Canary Islands, Spain
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of Estudio José Luis Rodríguez
 Project Area: 120 sqm
Collaborators: Rosenda V. Marrero Hernández, María Delgado 
Budget: € 108,182.18

It is pretended to build a self-sufficient house integrated into the landscape of the island  characterized by a continuous terracing of its abrupt topography. This is the germ of project: a basalt stone wall on which a light structure of plywood with galvanized steel walls and glass supports advancing southwards.

Is generated as well  an area connected to the outside (the day area )  relationship space that dominates the landscape and is protected from sun and wind. After the wall is located the sleeping area to the north  formed of small intimate venues to which is provided with high thermal inertia.

This duality is expressed in conceptual  spatial  material and construction: dematerialization and the absence of limits of the living area (space relationship between users and between them and the landscape)  against the austere interior containment for shady sleeping area (areas of privacy).

The house  designed in 1995  also aims to reduce its ecological footprint on the use of materials and construction systems  so using local materials (basalt wall insulation  covered with volcanic lapilli  etc..)  certified industrial materials environmentally (specifically the wood) and no harmful elements (PVC  VOC compounds  synthetic paints and varnishes  etc).

The inclination of the structure of the day area is determined by the solar radiation  and it integrates the panels to produce electricity and hot water  seeking a result of ZERO CO2 EMISSIONS .

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