Puccio House

Chilean studio WMR has recently completed the Puccio house , a wooden residence overlooking the ocean in a spectacular cliff in Navidad, Chile. The house is located on a small peninsula surrounded by water, and is one of Chile’s windiest regions, where strong winds have shaped a shoreline of sinuous cliffs, sharply contrasting with the straight lines of the house.

The architectural design was guided by two aims: to create a house a place of contemplation of the surroundings, and to build using only local materials and labor. The small program is developed on 150 square meters. The ground floor features flexible spaces for living, and the second floor houses all bedrooms. The project seeks to create a warm and calm shelter without wind, and features a series of terraces inside the wooden volume, each with its own orientation to dialogue within the environment, the sun and the wind.

The design process took about 30 days, and the construction was completed in 120 days, including modest finishes with local labor. Native wood was the principal material for the structure and finishes.

The owner of the house, Ingrid Kohlhofer, spends 80% of the time inside this house and has worked hard on the landscape with her own hands. Every day she recollects rocks and different pieces of wood thrown by the changing of the tide. This occupation was a decisive influence in the project, setting the external character and personality of the house.

Description by Domus

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