The Vanishing Mosque; Dubai; UAE

On June 1st, a star-studded jury panel chose The Vanishing Mosque by RUX Design as the winner of the Traffic Design Competition Vol. 2 – Design as Reform, in Dubai. The design was chosen from among ten international finalists (RUX was the only United States finalist) for the “Mosque Through Architecture” category.

“When we started the design process, we were imagining the mosque as a building,” says RUX founder and director Russell Greenberg, 29. “By the time we were finished, we had designed an urban plaza, a symbolic and cinematic spatial experience between buildings.”

The Vanishing Mosque is a sacred prayer space intricately woven into the fabric of a bustling city. Retail, cultural venues, apartments, hotels, and deep shaded arcades define the edges of its plaza. This plaza space is used exclusively for prayer during Salat, which occurs 5 times over the course of a day. During the rest of the day and evening it is open to the public as a social space for lounging, meeting, and chance interaction.


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