Cove Park


To think of all the inspiration an artist could garner from writing, painting or composing from within one of these grass tufted container homes! Called Cove Park, the cluster of architecture is part of a center for creative professionals located on the west coast of Scotland. Situated on 50 acres of emerald-colored countryside, the tidy suites were built using recycled shipping containers and are topped with an insulating layer of grass.

The architects who developed Cove Park, Urban Space Management, installed the 6 containers that make up the community in only three days. The en-suite accommodation units, a.k.a. “cubes,” act as retreats where artists can get away from the big city and concentrate on their work. Thanks to their planted roofs, the containers fit right into the surrounding greenery, and a wall of sliding glass doors in each unit leads right out onto a decked balcony with spectacular views of Loch Long.

Inside, each suite is bright, light and simply furnished. In addition to the sliding glass doors, charming porthole windows usher even more daylight into each space so that the occupants don’t need to turn on any lights to paint or compose by day. We have to say that we wish we could be transported away to Scottland to Cove Park every time we feel a bout of writers block coming on – it seems like a surefire cure!

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