3M Italia Headquarters / Mario Cucinella Architects

Architects: Mario Cucinella Architects
Location: Pioltello, Milan, Italy
Project Team: Mario Cucinella, David Hirsch, Luca Bertacchi, Julissa Guttara, Michele Olivieri, Linda Larice, Luca Stramigioli
Area: 11,300 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Daniele Domenicali

Structures: TIFS Engineering
Landscape: Studio Meucci
Budget: 15,000,000 €


© Daniele Domenicali

The new 10,300m2 headquarters office building for the company 3M is located on the outskirts of Milan in the Pioltello district. The building is the first to be built on the site as part of a masterplan completed by MC A in 2005. A linear building, 105m long and 21m wide, it has a terraced form stepping down from five to two storeys.

© Daniele Domenicali

The form and orientation of the building allow optimal environmental control. The north, east and west facades have specially designed glazing and shading systems. The south face of the building steps creating a series of terraces that provide shaded outdoor space for the office workers. The terraces act as an environmental buffer space that protects the building from climate extremes in both summer and winter.

© Daniele Domenicali

Environmental analysis of the building in context led to the choice of an active solution for the roof and facades. Photovoltaics are integrated into the design and produce energy while giving a shimmering technological aesthetic to the building.


with its geometric composition, spaces and structural lines, embodies principles such as eco sustainability and innovation, standing out for the particular attention placed in blending the building structure within environmental context and use of materials and technologies. Even before the end of the building, the project obtained a lot of recognitions, like the US Award 09 in the Architecture category. This year, after it’s construction, the building won the Mipim Green Building Award 2011.

© Daniele Domenicali

The foundation stone was placed in October 2008 and the work was carried out quickly : only 16 months for the new building to become operative.
The building has two internal open sky courtyards that, together with the see-through facades equipped with particularly insulating glasses, enhance the entrance of natural light for greater brightness.


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