Dual Court House – Black Line One X, Australia

Black Line One X Architects


After working in both France and Japan, Anthony Clarke set up Black Line One X (BLOXAS) in 2009 in Melbourne. He describes his approach as ‘an exploration into the fundamentals of multidisciplinary design’, and is currently working on a variety of ‘landscape-inspired’ architecture projects. His Dual Court House wraps around two courtyards, offering views across the internal space without compromising privacy. Reclaimed materials were used wherever possible, contrasting with the translucent plastic and glass panes

AUS_Black-Line-One-X_Dual-Court-House_01 AUS_Black-Line-One-X_Dual-Court-House_02 AUS_Black-Line-One-X_Dual-Court-House_03 AUS_Black-Line-One-X_Dual-Court-House_04 AUS_Black-Line-One-X_Dual-Court-House_05

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