House 12K, Ghent – Belgium

Dierendonckblancke Architecten


Isabelle Blancke joined Alexander Dierendonck’s practice in 2009, after they had collaborated on projects such as the 2007 Spikkerelle community centre, nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Prize in 2009. Since then the pair, both graduates of the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture in Gent, have gone from strength to strength, and are working on several residential and public commissions, with a focus on functionality. The now 13-strong practice recently completed this family house in Gent, cleverly negotiating a small and narrow plot.

BEL_DierendonckBlancke-Archs_12K_01 BEL_DierendonckBlancke-Archs_12K_02 BEL_DierendonckBlancke-Archs_12K_03 BEL_DierendonckBlancke-Archs_Gelukstraat_01 BEL_DierendonckBlancke-Archs_Gelukstraat_02 BEL_DierendonckBlancke-Archs_Gelukstraat_03

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