Inside-Out Tea Set – Shahira Fahmy Architects

Inside-Out Tea Set


The tea pot and the cups each have been individually transformed according to their specific requirements. The design is based on the “fluidity of the volumes”, which sinuously stitches the inside and outside together by folding surfaces back upon themselves. Connecting the internal walls to the external skin completes the circuit. The Continuous Surface flips over from outside to inside, transforming the Inner into a container to hold the tea, and the Outer surface into the handle, creating an in between space which acts as an insulation from the hot inner container. The continuous surface of the tea pot combines all functions, and the integrated handle allows for natural and controlled pouring. Inside-Out Tea Set was shortlisted in 2008 at the Traffic Design Competition, Dubai, UAE.

Cup_1 IN-0_3 IN-0a IN-1_3 IN-5_2 IN-6_2 IN-6b IN-7a IN-7b IN-8_2


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