LYP house – Argentina

Estudio Babo



Francisco Kocourek, Francesc Planas Penadés and Marit Haugen Stabell, who hail respectively from Argentina, Spain and Norway, joined forces to launch Estudio BaBO in Buenos Aires in 2007. The team is currently busy with a number of residential commissions around the world. Recent work includes the CLF house complex in Nuequén, a row of three houses made entirely out of wood, from the frames to the detailing. The differences in the directors’ cultural, academic and professional backgrounds create an exciting dialogue in the office.

01_CLF_Houses_01 02_CLF_Houses_02 03_CLF_Houses_03 04_CLF_Houses_04 05_CLF_Houses_09 ARG_Estudio-Babo_CLF-House_05 ARG_Estudio-Babo_CLF-House_06 ARG_Estudio-Babo_CLF-House_07 ARG_Estudio-Babo_CLF-House_08

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