Shahira Fahmy Architects – Egypt


Shahira Fahmy Architects (SFA) is a visionary design based practice working in urban planning, architecture, interiors and product design.  With a focus on sustainable and functional concepts, we are committed to rethinking the ways in which people interact with spaces, objects, and each other.

The future will demand new means of interaction between landscapes, society, and built forms.  Our inspiration is drawn from these basic interactions.  Rather than relying on trends to dictate the form designs will take, we focus instead on context in which the work will exist.  The development of sustainable spaces demands balance between physical, environmental, social, and economic concerns; and true innovation evolves organically once these demands are understood.  As urban spaces grow in complexity; thoughtful, intentional and context sensitive design becomes more and more essential.

The SFA studio functions as a laboratory for testing ideas on every scale, from cities to material properties.  Every aspect of a project is broken down and examined from all angles.  From this rational analysis, creativity arises to bring human interactions into balance with the overall vision and physical functionality.

As much as the demand of increasingly complex spaces drives our work, the influence of the past is essential to conceiving living spaces that are firmly rooted in the personal and cultural experience of the societies that use them.  In this regard, we look to the ways that problems have been solved for centuries.  From the elaborate structures and facades of classical architecture to the everyday methods used by people on the street to navigate the mega city where our practice is based. The experiences of the past are used to discover elegant solutions to new challenges.

Many a time, inspiration comes from humble sources.  From the string used by Cairo’s newspaper vendors to bind their wares, or the costumes and customs of society,  to the old architecture and facades of our city, we search for elegant solutions to problems that have long been overlooked.  Often, the elements we find most useful have been missed simply because of their inherent simplicity. This approach has allowed us to create award winning product designs and interior work that appears to be effortless”.

To bring this vision to life, we bring young architects together with seasoned professionals.  High profile international specialists lend expertise on efficiency standards for energy, landscape, and lighting technology.  Led by Shahira Fahmy, the practice has received numerous awards and has drawn acclaim from a growing number of international publications and design review bodies.



Shahira H. Fahmy Architects have been working on various projects since their encounter in 2005 when the firm was established. The team comprises of young architects and experts professionals, in collaboration with high profile international specialized consultants in landscape, lighting and energy efficiency (LEED certification). With space to innovate in several design practices ranging from architecture to urban to interior and product design, the studio acts as a laboratory for testing ideas on every scale, from cities to material properties.




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