The H-House – Shahira H. Fahmy Architects

The H-House

Pyramids Hills Compound, Giza, Egypt

The H-House is a private residence in a compound overlooking the pyramids. The house was designed to benefit maximum View and Favorable Wind. The program included an outdoor swimming pool, a lap pool and a hot tub. The design outcome has an informal geometry and a unique spatial experience; double height spaces, clear storey and dynamic circulation.

1_11 3_22 4_8 5_5 6_5 7_1 AZ1 h_house_cover H-House-00_6 H-House-06_6 H-House-07_6 H-House-10_6 H-House-11_5 H-House-12_7 H-House-13_6 H-House-14_7 H-House-15_5 H-House-16_9 H-House-17_6 H-House-18_6 H-House-19_6 H-House-20_7 H-House-21_2 H-House-22_2


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