Agi architects

AGi  architects is an international design  firm  providing comprehensive services in  Architecture, Planning, Urban Design, Interior Design,   Design Research and   Consulting. An integration of skills allows the creation of places that provide lasting value for clients through distinctive and imaginative solutions.
AGi architects was established in 2006 by Joaquin Perez-Goicoechea and Nasser B. Abulhasan. Salvador Cejudo started to collaborate with AGi in 2007 and became a design partner in 2009.
AGi architects  has introduced  exceptional design, management and technical  approaches to its projects in the Europe and the Middle  East from  its offices  in the cities of Madrid  and  Kuwait.
With a multidisciplinary staff of over 30 professionals including architects, planners,  landscape  architects,  interior  designers and other specialists, individual members of the design team can be carefully selected to reflect the necessary skills for the scope and scale of the project. Great emphasis is placed on continuity  so  that  work is client driven rather than project centered. Clients work with architects they know and over time, the team is able to develop a thorough understanding of the clients’ business objectives and priorities and is able to make more effective contributions to their projects.


La Oficina 1608,
Al Rai Industrial Area, Block 3. Str# 13 P.O. Box 24066, Safat 13101, Kuwait.

Tel +965 22230109
Fax +965 22230110
@ info@agi-architects.com



Alberto Aguilera 38
1ª Planta, 28015,
Madrid, Spain.

Tel +34 91 5919226
Fax +34 91 5919220
@ info@agi-architects.com

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