Seascape Villas, Aqaba by Architecture Studio



Architecture Studio have designed Seascape Villas in Aqaba, Jordan for Madaen Al Aqaba.



The Seascape Villas project constitutes one of the first urban interventions in this very unique context, a landscape dominated by mountains and sea.
The Seascape Villas of Aqaba is a very contextual project. The idea was to offer as much as possible the sea view. The site is shaped into a series of longitudinal gardens escalated in different levels, following the natural slope of the existing site. We developed 3 types of villas from 191 sqm to 346 sqm. The entire villas have two levels and one basement. All inhabitants of the 74 villas will have a unique sea view. The more luxurious villas, type 2 and 3, will also have a direct sea view from ground floor and the garden.

The concept of privacy is very central and the result is a series of spaces protected by the minerals screens and vegetation that divides two plots and creates a barrier in the way of northcoming wind.

The concept of dividing walls called “Mineral screen” will maintain the independence of each villa view on the Red Sea and create a dynamic relationship between the building and its surroundings.




Client: Madaen Al Aqaba
Architect: AS.Architecture-Studio
Engineering: Al Bashir Int. Engineering
Engineering (Façades): RFR Elements
Landscape: MDP- Michel Desvigne Paysagiste
Surface: 21 200 m²
Delivery: 2011
Program: 74 villas, gym centre, café, shops, Swimming pool, kid’s playground and water basin

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