Faulders Studio

Faulders Studio is an award-winning architecture and design office with projects spanning a diverse range of building scales, interior environments, and exhibitions. With an equal footing in applied practice and speculative research, the office maintains a vibrant interdisciplinary presence through its award-winning projects. Led by architect Thom Faulders, Faulders Studio integrates innovative material performance, user perception, urban connectivity, and environmental exigencies to pursue architecture as a dynamic and open condition.

This is a forward-thinking and exploratory approach to creating spaces, articulated through and defined by the complex relationships linking functionality and subjective engagement, optical and tactile conditions, or a building and its surroundings. At Faulders Studio architecture is pursued not as static form or pre-programmed space, but as an arena for adaptive opportunities and responsive possibilities. In addition to providing full-service architectural design, the office is internationally recognized for its in-depth experience in developing new building and fabrication processes and material applications.

In combination with practice, Thom Faulders is an Associate Professor in Architecture at CCA: California College of the Arts in San Francisco. He has previously taught at UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design and at the KTH/Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. He is an invited design jury critic at leading universities, and lectures at national and international venues. Thom Faulders received his license to practice architecture in California in 1998. He spent two years living in Italy, and worked for Cristiano Toraldo di Francia, one of the founding members of the influential conceptual theorist group Superstudio, in Florence, Italy. He later joined the Los Angeles firm of Marmol Radziner & Associates as an on-site building specialist for the iconic Kaufmann House restoration project in Palm Springs, originally designed by architect Richard Neutra. Faulders has been an Artist in Residence at multiple institutions, including the international exchange program at the Centre D’Art D’Herblay Residency in France.

Faulders’ work is included in the Permanent Architecture and Design Collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and is included in leading international exhibitions and publications.

FAULDERS STUDIO | San Francisco USA – Telephone: +1 510 693 0013 – Email: info@faulders-studio.com spacer


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