House of Arts and Culture, Beirut by Mikou design studio

Beirut expands its cultural portfolio with a new art centre designed by Parisian design studio Mikou


All images, graphics and information courtesy of Mikou design studio; © by Mikou design studio; see detailed credits at the end of this article


House of Arts and Culture, Beirut

Similar to Beirut, the House of the Arts and Culture is inspired by the diversity of cultures; stimulating the imagination by integrating the sensitivities of various artistic domains.

This overlapping of cultural layers is a characteristic feature of the program, which creates a strong identity for the future House of Arts and Culture and hence refers to the iconic image of Beirut; city of cultural and historic sedimentation, nicknamed the “well” because of the various Hellenistic, Roman, Arabic and Ottoman layers. That is why the building is not conceived as a monolithic mass, but rather in a manner to stage this overlapping of cultural layers and the process throughout which they become real spaces, transitional spaces for the exchange and intertwining of creativity.


perspective – interior


perspective – street view


urban scheme
urban plan
second floor
sixth floor
east facade
square facade
function scheme
mikou_house_of_arts_03path 1
mikou_house_of_arts_04path 2
mikou_house_of_arts_05path 3
mikou_house_of_arts_06path 4

Architect : Mikou Design Studio

Salwa Mikou, Selma Mikou, Cécile Jalby, Iskra Pencheva, Gwenaël Jerrett, Baharan Khosravi, Ludivine Specht

Client : Ministry of culture

Programme : Theatres, cinema, film library, exhibition space, training and work space, meeting rooms, cafeteria and commercial spaces, documentation center and administration.

Budget : 20 M €

Surface: 16 000 m2 SHON

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Date : competition 2009


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