Q Club, Beirut by Bernard Khoury / DW5

Libanese Architects Bernard Khoury / DW5 have designed the Q Club – a multi-layered space that expands and contracts with the occupancy.


All information and images courtesy of Bernard Khoury / DW5; © by Bernard Khoury / DW5
A Beirut entertainment venue by Lebanese architects Bernard Khoury / DW5

Located on top floor of the newly built extension of a yet to be disclosed hotel in Doha, Q club is a 700m2 entertainment venue made up of largely open space with a capacity for over 600 guests.


The project is a manipulation in plan and section both of which are mirrored on the horizontal and vertical axes resulting in a volume that is continuous throughout. An incremental succession of elevations that expand from the core provide users with an uninterrupted visual connection to the center of attention from any vantage point.

The continuity in form is exaggerated by a monochromatic scheme. All elements begin in off white and evolve uniformly via led points that surround the periphery, creating a condition of immateriality.

The venue’s shell has the ability to expand and contract in proportion to occupancy via two opposing curtain tracks.










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