Atelier Tekuto :: Crystal Brick Ⅱ


FLODEAU.COM-Atelier-Tekuto-Crystal-Brick-Ⅱ-05-1024x682 FLODEAU.COM-Atelier-Tekuto-Crystal-Brick-Ⅱ-06-1024x682 FLODEAU.COM-Atelier-Tekuto-Crystal-Brick-Ⅱ-09-682x1024 FLODEAU.COM-Atelier-Tekuto-Crystal-Brick-Ⅱ-12-1024x682 FLODEAU.COM-Atelier-Tekuto-Crystal-Brick-Ⅱ-13-1024x682 FLODEAU.COM-Atelier-Tekuto-Crystal-Brick-Ⅱ-14-1024x682 FLODEAU.COM-Atelier-Tekuto-Crystal-Brick-Ⅱ-15-1024x682 FLODEAU.COM-Atelier-Tekuto-Crystal-Brick-Ⅱ-16-682x1024 FLODEAU.COM-Atelier-Tekuto-Crystal-Brick-Ⅱ-17-1024x682

Glass bricks really aren’t used that often outside of doctor / dentist offices and I remember as a kid always loving them. I think I have always and will always just love warm diffused light, as impassive and as omnipresent as possible. Just a general glow without definite source. Since that’s a technical challenge, things like this provide a practical alternative.

The outer facade is missing something, in my opinion, but I can’t put my finger on it. Perhaps it’s the sheer size of the facets – I wonder if this method would be more suited to low lying / half buried single story houses in the desert.

I’m also impressed that the glass bricks and the ACL provide a similar strength and so become interchangeable as far as pattern is concerned. I can imagine 70′s futurist style paintings of rows of these each making up a continuous pattern down the road or spelling out their number or something. It’s utopian, of course, but an interesting approach. Perhaps the glass bricks have a large LCD pixel in them, allowing the whole thing to change at will (iPhone app?).

As glass becomes much stronger and much more durable I wonder if we’ll see a new age in building standards where wood and rock walls are replaced with something healthier.

via: Atelier Tekuto

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