Atelier Tekuto


Atelier Tekuto is an architecture design firm based in Tokyo, founded by Yasuhiro Yamashita in 1991. We enjoy working with different people, materials and environments that are related to our projects and can be incorporated into our architecture.


Recent Development

Winning the international design competition for the Busan Eco Center in Korea has opened the way for me to concentrate not only on houses but also on public and large-scale architecture. However, I believe that working on a larger scale will not affect my basic philosophy. I still create architecture based on the context of society, environment, function, and collaboration with people from various fields. Thanks to the experience of the Korean competition and of winning an ar+d award*, I now also focus on building relationships with other countries and regions. Recently I have been paying greater attention to environmental sustainability as well, by using natural materials such as wood, earth, and brick. I continue to create new visions of architecture in a variety of circumstances and locations.

Atelier Tekuto Co., Ltd.
4-1-20-B1F Jingumae,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
TEL      +81 3 6439 5540
FAX       +81 3 6439 5541

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