animal farm by nishi chauhan


‘animal farm’ all started when glass bottles – mason and preserve jars, wine and sauce, beer bottles – slowly began accumulating

in thebangalore household of nishi chauhan. these vessels began piling up and became difficult to ignore and soon the indian

designer beganseeing shapes emerge in the form of animals. chuahan paid a casual visit to channapatna, the craft district located

just outside the city.there a sizable community of craftsmen were churning out playful animal toys by the hundreds. before she

knew it, she was collaborating with them,exchanging ideas, sketches, mock-ups and study models of what she had in mind.

the real challenge was to achieve a fusing of attitude and approach between designer and craftsmen – how do you get them to

look at objectsfrom a wider world view when their entire existence has always been their community? from the partnership

,’animal farm’ was born -a collection of creatures which also function as lighting objects, giving their upcycled glass forms a new life.

peeves, the penguin, and porky, the pig

gerry, the giraffe, and flo, the fish


humf, the hippopotamus, and ellie, the elephant


saved from an unimaginative end


the craftsman at work, in channapatna


applying lac to turned wood


post process work


post process work


assembly and finishing of prototypes




mock-up and study model

concept sketch

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