Elqui Domos Hotel by Rodrigo Duque Motta


The transparent fabric domes of the Elqui Domos hotel connects guests easily to the beauty of nature

as well as the sparkling wonders of the night sky in Chile. This small 10-year old structure designed by

Rodrigo Duque Motta sits in a valley between the Andes Mountains that is known for its clear skies,

good weather and its great potential for wine growing. The hotel includes several single wooden

cabins with clear fabric domes and a restaurant/lobby. This existing hotel was remodeled so that

the terrace becomes the main living area and so that the cabins can give more emphasis to the

landscape by placing them lightly off the ground. In order to bring in views of the transient v

egetation of the vast surrounding valley, the cabins were also given an inner sloped space to

show the different views of the valley and the mountains through its two opposing glass walls

stretched across the cabin.










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