House in the trees

Martín Fernández de Lema and Nicolás F. Moreno Deutsch have built this amazing house in Mar Azul, Buenos Aires. They weren’t allowed by law to remove any trees on the site, so instead of relocating, they built the house around the trees. The result is a beautiful combination of wood, concrete, space, and nature.



Extraordinary home wooden concept of mar Azul ideas are presenting exciting concepts in the life of a dynamic forest. The concept of making a comfortable shelter in natural conditions was also garnished with a unique arrangement of furniture in the form. The sosapinilla concept of a wall covered with wood, and floors are also made with the same concept.


254655_266931193433736_158607071_n 397757_266931090100413_544769894_n 406085_266931153433740_72930265_n 431374_266931170100405_97518876_n 553195_266931180100404_907894282_n


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