MO House / FRPO



Architects: FRPO
Location: Madrid, Spain
Design Team: Pablo Oriol, Fernando Rodríguez
Collaborators: Pastora Cotero, Inés Olavarrieta, Cornelius Schmitz, Cristina Escuder
Contractor: Alter Materia, Grupo Singular
Consultants: KLH, Alter Materia, Miguel Nevado
Area: 295 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Miguel de Guzmán


5101a7f3b3fc4b5130000089_mo-house-frpo_05_mo_house_044 5101a78fb3fc4b5130000080_mo-house-frpo_02_mo_house_002  5101a7cbb3fc4b5130000085_mo-house-frpo_diagrama_-1-5101a7efb3fc4b5130000088_mo-house-frpo_diagrama_-2- 5101a7cfb3fc4b5130000086_mo-house-frpo_axo  5101a837b3fc4b5130000092_mo-house-frpo_planta



via: Archdaily

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