Flying Rumi by Sadi Ozis

Flying Rumi is designed by Sadi Ozis in 1964. That unique furniture piece is originally based on another elegant design piece of Sadi Ozis, Rumi armchair. This piece has been prototyped by Sadi Ozis as a woven seated outdoor chair, but was never produced. As a re-edition, in 2011, Istanbul based design studio karre, brought this timeless, avangarde piece to life and created an upholstered version  of the armchair with painted or stainless steel frame.

karre is a furniture and product design studio based in İstanbul, Turkey. karre dates back to 1950’s when Sadi Ozis, Turkish designer, painter and sculptor started to design and produce the first metal furniture in Turkey in his metal atelier.

Although 60 years passed since then, these timeless designs are above all interior trends with their elegance and still fascinate appreciative eyes.

Having internalized design principles of Sadi Ozis, Ozis family continues creating custom and handcrafted products, furniture designs and applications under the roof of karre design.

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