Casa Vasquez by Creative consultants

The assignment was to make a house that inspired. This design is according to the topography of the mountain, exactly where the owner imagined. It is separate home of the slope, creating a small courtyard enclosure a house where the project was developed in parallel with level dimensions.

The house is just an excuse to see the amazing scenery of the south valley metropolitan bored, full of visuals, vegetation, mountains, and charming of different weathers during the year.

The concept of hard cover roof painted salmon was childhood memories.

Climb to the roof, is where panning and amazement at the scenery customer returns to his childhood, where walking through the roof of the house is an adventure all in life ever have dreamed.

Housing distribution:
2 Parking.
Service area (kitchen, utility room, useful). Social area (room, dining room).
Area entertainment (cinema / TV)
Study (terrace)
Master Bedroom (Bath vestier terrace) guest room

Architecture studio: Creative consultants
Name of the Project: CASA VASQUEZ
Located: Sabaneta, Antioquia, Colombia.
Área construida: 237 m2
Design: Alejandro Gaviria
Photographer: Federico Ruiz

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