Bluff House / Robert Young


Architects: Robert Young
Location: Montauk, New York, USA
Design Team: Casey Feeney, Tom Ambler, Shea Murdock


Perched on a bluff overlooking Block Island Sound, the property is a flag lot at the edge of a new subdivision, bordered on three sides by water, wetlands, and woods. The client asked us to design a house with a minimal impact on the pristine landscape, maximum exposure to the views and all the amenities of a year round vacation home.

The basic requirements of each space were considered integrally with the effects of sunlight, breezes and views. The house was conceived as a lens, continually framing and magnifying the subtle changes in the surrounding environment.

5108f7a0b3fc4b276d00028e_bluff-house-robert-young_bluff_house_13 5108f75cb3fc4b276d00028b_bluff-house-robert-young_bluff_house_11 5108f76eb3fc4b276d00028c_bluff-house-robert-young_bluff_house_14 5108f592b3fc4b276d000288_bluff-house-robert-young_bluff_house_10 510958c1b3fc4b276d00031d_bluff-house-robert-young_west_elevation-_final_copy 5109584ab3fc4b276d000313_bluff-house-robert-young_lowerfloor 5109584bb3fc4b276d000314_bluff-house-robert-young_east_elevation_final_copy 5109588eb3fc4b276d000318_bluff-house-robert-young_south_elevations_final_copy 5109589cb3fc4b276d000319_bluff-house-robert-young_upper_floor 51095866b3fc4b276d000315_bluff-house-robert-young_north_elevation_final_copy 51095873b3fc4b276d000316_bluff-house-robert-young_section_b_final 51095880b3fc4b276d000317_bluff-house-robert-young_siteplan

via: Archdaily

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