The Bunkie, still in concept phase, is a bit different from traditional architecture and other small cabins in that it’s not based on traditional stick frame building methodology. Essentially, it’s a large product. Using identical techniques to those used in the manufacture of high production plywood furniture, they will use a CNC router to cut highly accurate parts which fit together like a puzzle – thus creating the Bunkie frame. The frame is then clad in plywood and barn board. Everything can be built in a factory and shipped onsite for final assembly.

Inside, the Bunkie maximizes space by creating one multifuntional room that serves as sleep and living. Two queen-sized murphy beds are built into one main wall and a small dining table and chairs are visually integrated into the main feature wall, but can be detached for use when needed.

bunkie-rendering-small-cabin-dining-room bunkie-rendering-small-cabin-main bunkie-rendering-small-cabin-no-bed bunkie-rendering-small-cabin-prefab bunkie-rendering-small-cabin-sleeping-bed

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