Modern Family Home in The Netherlands: Tradition with a Twist

JagerJanssen Architects designed this home in Meppel, the Netherlands for a Dutch family who wanted something a little different. The Van Leeuwen House stands out from its more conventional neighbors thanks to its distinctive silhouette, but it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, the unusual architecture still works in its surroundings.

“No two projects are the same, our architecture always is a logic outcome of time, context, dialog between client and architect and collaboration with third parties. We want to make architecture that is a counterweight to the complexity of contemporal society.” – JagerJanssen Architects



The home’s striking shape lures you in for a closer look. Inspired by the form of typical homes, the architects put a twist on tradition by putting a deliberate kink in the plan – literally. “The shape was conceived by making some subtle alterations to the basic shape of the house: the introduction of a kink in one of the facades which extends directly to a sloping ridge resulted in a dynamic and seemingly complex shape,” according to the architects.








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