Mada Masterplan – Jordan

mada_masterplan_01 mada_masterplan_02 mada_masterplan_03 mada_masterplan_04 mada_masterplan_05 mada_masterplan_06 mada_masterplan_07 mada_masterplan_09 mada_masterplan_11 mada_masterplan_13 mada_masterplan_14 mada_masterplan_17 mada_masterplan_18


Al-Mada, a vision that balances two extremes, at one end quaint poetic natural rural landscape, and at the other end humming colorful urbanity. Al-Mada proposes a New Standard of Livability, an Urban Legacy constantly evoking wonder, one that is designed to be conducive to six focal themes, all woven together by a substantially expansive “green lung”, the “Wadi” Park…. [Hada’eq Al Wadi]. The main themes are culture and heritage, entertainment, wellness and recreation, knowledge culture and creative economy. These main themes are designed as mixed-use and allocated as districts within Al-Mada.
The entire project design started with the larger park, the park hierarchy concept, all the way down to saved trees, ultimately, vividly, weaving in all neighborhoods. At the heart of the project and center stage in the Valley is the Cultural District. The Al-Mada Grand Park is the soul of the project. It is the Lung that gives the project its essential sustainability.
Giving priority to sustainability, and in particular pedestrianization, wide linear elements of the park weaved up into the hills as green carpets connecting all districts and neighborhoods. Both urban hard landscaped pedestrian loops and separate soft treed loops are integrated in the master plan.

Location: Jordan
Client: N/A
Land Area: 7,600,000 sq.m
Built-up Area: N/A
Project year: 2007

via : S y m b i o s i s designs ltd

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