The site of the proposed project belongs to the Municipality of Beit sahour. It is located at a walking distance from the city center and surrounded with a school building and playground from one side and a dense clinic compound from the other.

Accessibility to the site is very much restricted. The roads are narrow and traffic has to be absorbed and dissipated, in an under ground car parking, reserved in particular for the center.

Being close to city center, pedestrian activities have to be developed and encouraged, provided that an adequate circulation platform and paths are created to receive a diversified  public at all times.

Such platform will serve to extend externally the activities of the building. Thus creating social events out of its educational functions, enabling the neighbourhood in particular and the city at large to live more in  community.

To go out of the complexity of the near by structures, to serve education and to become a focal point, the proposed building external looks have to be simple by the form and volume, transparent through the curtain walls , inviting by the Atrium and passages  and protective by its aluminum façade panels, which will permit the infiltration of light and create a rhythmic shadow on the facades enhancing music.

508dfa7428ba0d6f170001c2_national-conservatory-aau-anastas_1_by_mikaela_burstow_- 508dfa7928ba0d6f1a0001b4_national-conservatory-aau-anastas_5_by_mikaela_burstow_- 508dfa8728ba0d6f170001c3_national-conservatory-aau-anastas_2_by_mikaela_burstow_- 508dfabf28ba0d6f0e00019c_national-conservatory-aau-anastas_32__by_simon_bauchet__- 508dfae428ba0d6f1a0001b7_national-conservatory-aau-anastas_24_by_mikaela_burstow_- 508dfaed28ba0d6f310001a5_national-conservatory-aau-anastas_29__by_simon_bauchet__- 508dfb9d28ba0d6f170001c5_national-conservatory-aau-anastas_section 508dfb8428ba0d6f110001e7_national-conservatory-aau-anastas_plan 508df9fa28ba0d6f170001be_national-conservatory-aau-anastas_17_by_mikaela_burstow_- 508dfa0c28ba0d6f170001bf_national-conservatory-aau-anastas_14_by_mikaela_burstow_- (1) 508dfa3c28ba0d6f170001c0_national-conservatory-aau-anastas_4_by_mikaela_burstow_- 508dfa1828ba0d6f1a0001b3_national-conservatory-aau-anastas_9_by_mikaela_burstow_- 508dfa6328ba0d6f1400019b_national-conservatory-aau-anastas_6_by_mikaela_burstow_-

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