Gimme Good Style

Finding a cool apartment can cost you an arm in New York. You know, you have to be smart when it comes to real estate. Lots of people out there are ready to fool you.

But, thank God, there are some people who actually sell cool apartments.

Well, mostly lofts.

Let me introduce you to Karim Rashid, a well known designer whose works I really adore.

Karim decorated his loft in New York with his signature bold colors, colorful patterns and cool furnitures,  turning the 2000 square feet loft into something you can only see in Elle Homme.

Well, after watching too much Upper East Side drama (ehem Gossip Girl ehem) and looking penthouse after penthouse with so-called ‘classic’ design, this colorful loft really steals my heart. Hmm, look at those chairs and abstract-shaped table. Don’t you love them ?

If you’re interested, you can find this lovely…

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