Why Not Crowdfunding?

Why Not Crowdfunding?

(Really, Why Not?!)


While our generation has a shortage of more than 1 billion in the world, increasing unemployment rates, and jobs that would be better classified as modern slavery, the question is: Why not crowdfunding?

Why not crowdfunding for real architecture and design projects that would benefit the public and help in creating a better future?

At this stage, we should not even be arguing the concept. The platform of crowdfunding has made several such ideas come to life. Through crowdfunding, various kinds of projects, initiatives, and dreams are happening in the most egalitarian way, as opposed to the classical process where banks, investors, and governments served and continue to serve as gatekeepers to access financing.

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Watch the “The Wizard of Fundz”

The inspirational example below is the +Pool project. The Play Lab & Family Lab succeeded to bring this amazing project to the city of New York through a concept shared on crowdfunding.


+Pool project

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Such projects bring the possibility to establish the first School of Design in Palestine: A school where young designers can imagine the future, and build it.

 Conceptual design achieved through the interpretation of an Arab “Mashrabiya”, re-imagined in the form of a large-scale planting vases that envelop the building creating an effect of lightness and porousness.

Another great inspiration is the concept of Designocracy – which is really to democratize design in the sense of creating affordable designs for everyone, and providing designs that would help humans have a more comfortable life. It is the idea behind the BBC show “Design for Life” featuring one of the world’s best known designers, Philippe Starck who promotes with his unique character the idea of design and the process of creating designs.

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Through these simple designs and through your contribution, will be able to go through this journey and to participate in making a better future.

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Enjoy ….

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Check the picture below for the original source and video:



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