Why I design by Mohammed Nassar

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    To quote designer Richard Seymour’s words a few years ago design is ‘making things better for people’.

    The British Design Council best defined the role of design when they wrote:

    ‘Design is everywhere. It’s what drew you to the last piece of furniture you bought and it’s what made online banking possible. It’s made London taxi cabs easier to get in and out of and it made Stella McCartney’s name. It’s driving whole business cultures and making sure environments from hospitals to airports are easier to navigate.’

    I always wanted to design, to add something to this world. I am excited by the idea of combining mathematical shapes with modern colors because most of everything around us is grey while the sound human eye can perceive about 17000 different colours.

    I think that shapes and colours are universal. I usually add quotes to some of my work because they motivate me to carry on and keep…

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